A Gadget to Track your Booze


‘Tis the season to be jolly, which typically means there are plenty of parties, gatherings or nights out on the town. How many of us wake up the next day and have to call your friend, check your credit card statement or look at the pictures on your phone to re-assemble the nights activities? Piecing together the events to realize “I went to the bar and then the club, bought a bottle, danced on the table and got a burrito on the way home” is never fun. Nor is the thought of how much you drank. There’s many ways to attempt to keep track of the shots that flow, but face it, by the end of the night the count tends to stop. A new Kickstarter project wants to relieve you of this task of counting your drinks. Though you may not be able to track your activity, at least you can see what you consume.

Welcome to Shot Time, a shot glass that keeps track of what you drink. Simply pour your liquid of choice in and the Shot Time internal weight sensor/scale calculates the exact weight, translates it to ounces and displays it on a built-in LCD screen. When your evening is done and the drinks stop flowing just reset your Shot Time shot glass and start over next time you imbibe. The battery will last you for months. Although there is no price announced, you can get in on Kickstarter for $95, which will get you two limited edition titanium glasses.

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