Picture Porter Advanced makes it easier to manage your photos


picture-porterThe folks over at Digital Foci have come up with something that is rather interesting – the Picture Porter Advanced. Of course, the name itself does lead to the question of what is it exactly? Is it a service, or could it very well be a new kind of portable hardware? Well, the Picture Porter Advanced is best described to be a portable digital picture management tool that will feature high capacity storage capability. The thing is, it is not quite the finished article just yet, which is the reason behind the launch of a campaign that is known as Picture Porter – Essential Digital Photo Manager. The entire objective of this particular campaign is to raise $63,000 by December 14, 2013, which is slightly more than a week from now. Just what will be done with all of the money raised? Well, it will be used to complete the device’s production as final firmware testing is implemented, in addition to creating tooling for the housing design.

The Picture Porter Advanced has been pre-tested as FCC and CE compliant, where it is was specially designed to replace or complement existing picture and video handling tools that are in the market. It does not matter whether you are a professional photographer or a parent who wants to keep track of all those tender moments in your little one’s life, the Picture Porter Advanced makes your task a whole lot easier. After all, as many of us can attest to, managing all those pictures captured with your digital devices could be an overwhelming task if it were not done properly.

Charles Huang, Chief Designer of the Picture Porter Advanced, shared, “This device will change the way people back up, protect, organize, view, and share all of their digital photos. It is designed to improve every aspect of one’s photo management routine.” The Picture Porter Advanced will arrive with a 5″ TFT-LCD display, carry up to 1TB of storage space in the form of a hard drive or SSD, while featuring USB connectors that will play nice with a variety of devices, including notebooks, USB flash drives and external hard drives. Photographers too, will love the Picture Porter Advanced as it comes with various memory card readers without the need for an adapter. Want to share your images on a large screen TV? That’s no problem at all, as an HDMI connection would be able to output all of it to compatible TVs and monitors. Here’s hoping that this Kickstarter project would be a success!

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