Razor Pit Blade Sharpener – Sweeny Todd would be proud


Razor Pit Sharpener
More people injure themselves on a dull blade than a sharp one. However, if you give someone a sharp blade when they’re used to dull ones, they’ll also probably slice themselves open. Once you get used to a tool working as it should though, you get annoyed whenever it doesn’t work as well. Most of us deal with shaving. Whether it be your face, legs, or arms, there’s a very good chance you’re pulling a blade across your skin once every day or every other day.

As we all know, these can become very dull over time, and need to be replaced. What if you could extend their lives by a longshot just by sharpening them? You can’t take them to a grinding stone per se, but the Razor Pit Sharpener should do the trick. It is said to work with any type of razor, and will only cost $25. Seeing that this will prolong the life of your utensil, it will essentially pay for itself over time. Of course, that’s under the pretense that you will use it correctly.

This is made of a Thermo Plastic Elastomeric which has the properties of silicone and rubber. It will take off all of the soap, skin, and hair that lessens the capabilities of the razor. Of course, if you just keep things tidy whenever you’re shaving, this becomes a pretty useless object as you can’t really get access to the backside. To clean this, simply rinse it under water after it’s been used and it will be ready to go.

Available for purchase on uncommongoods, found via greenheads

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