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It’s holiday time. A time when we often get to see friends and relatives that we haven’t had a chance to catch up with all year. Time for family dinners, parties…and pictures. I’m never in the pictures, because I’m the designated picture-taker. Someday, my little girl is going to wonder where I was during all her milestone moments, I’ll explain that I was always there, I was just behind the camera!

Well, I have a New Years Resolution, this coming year I’m going to be in on all the action. Check out The Podo, a wireless Bluetooth camera that can stick anywhere. Podo can stick to a wall, allow you to “check yourself out” at every angle, and then remotely snap the pic.Take group shots, family pics, covert images, or selfies. Never again will you have to leave yourself out of the memories.

Using the Podo is easy enough, simply stick Podo on the wall and open the associated app (Android and iOS) preview your poses, and snap the shots remotely over Bluetooth, now you are ready to edit, add some special effects and then share your photos on all your favorite social media sites.

Podo will take an 8 megapixel image and it will record HD video clips. The case features an LED ring to indicate status and shutter timer, and an on board accelerometer will keep you shooting straight. The battery will last a full day of normal use and the camera charges via micro-USB. Unfortunately, Podo isn’t available just yet, but you should keep an eye on their website at mypodo.com because for under 40 bucks, this could be fun.

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