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pogo-stylusI clearly remember when Handspring and Palm were duking it out in the PDA arena (yeah, remember those Personal Digital Assistants?), and having a stylus to use with your mobile device was deemed to be cool. Well, sad to say the world of styluses did not really manage to create any significant ripples at tech shows such as CES, CeBIT or CEATEC, but there has been some fun variations when it comes to a stylus for the Nintendo DS. As for PDAs, those more or less died out with the introduction of smartphones, and while early models such as the Treo 600 range had a stylus, the later models from other manufacturers ditched the stylus altogether and settled for your fingers instead. Ten One Design, the creator of the world’s first capacitive touch screen stylus, is not quite done with the stylus just yet by offering their classic Pogo to arrive in a new model that is touted to be compatible with every capacitive smartphone or tablet.

It seems that this new Pogo stylus from Ten One Design intends to play a far more important role in your busy life, where it will be your “essential digital pen” for writing, signing and painting purposes. Coming in a well-crafted body as well as boasting of replaceable tips, the new Pogo stylus will be made available online for $19.95 a pop, while those who are looking forward to its magnetically interchangeable tips will have to wait until sometime later next month.

Sporting a solid, elegant and uncomplicated design, the new Pogo will play nice with just about any capacitive touchscreen device, and would be the ideal tool for students, professional executives and just about everyone else who uses their tablet a whole lot. After all, a stylus certainly does deliver greater control over touch, and for digital artists, it is an indispensable tool to have. Anyone interested in the new Pogo stylus so far?

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