Click Cube Clocks tell the time in a fun way


cube-clock-clickAre all clocks created equal? The answer is definitely not, but I would assume that for the most of us, we would happily settle for a simple digital or analog clock that sits on our desk, hang on the living room wall, or simply refer to the wristwatch that we wear all the time. How about adding more functions to your everyday timepiece? This is what the £29.99 Click Cube Clocks is all about, as it will arrive in black and walnut shades from early next month onward to make it a candidate for your Christmas shopping list.

For starters, the Click Cube Clocks would be able to let you tell the time at a glance, unlike those Tokyoflash watches that require you to perform some sort of mental calculation before arriving at the exact minute. Not only that, the Click Cube Clocks do more than just tell the time, as they are also able to show the temperature and date. Teenagers and sleep lovers will be pleased to know that a snooze function has also been thrown into the mix to accompany the alarm, letting you sleep in a little bit longer, while the lack of wires translate to you being able to place it just about anywhere you like without the risk of tripping over. The magic of the Click Cube Clock lies in the fact that the time will be displayed at the snap of your fingers, or when you tap the bedside table it is on gently.

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