Pachi Pachi Light Switch Phone Case will keep you occupied for hours


There are many things in life that help us relax our minds. Oftentimes, it’s something repetitive, and gives some sort of satisfaction. Bubble wrap is an excellent example, as it lets you feel accomplished through popping little plastic bubbles, knowing you’ve done something without it having any positive or negative effect. It’s literally just busywork for our minds, and brings us a feeling of childlike elation.

While it’s not a grand idea to keep bubble wrap on your person at all times, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep something equally fun around. The Pachi Pachi Light Switch is an iPhone 5 case that has something that will help you quell anxiety, and likely create it for others. It’s a simple idea, but one that could keep your hands busy while your subconscious enjoys each click as a mental victory.

That’s right, someone actually got the idea to put light switches on the back of a phone case. Every time you flip it this way or that, it will click as if you’re turning off or on the light. Instead of being annoyed by the person who constantly drums their fingers on the table or clicks their pen, you can have your own obnoxious sound party. This will cost $34, and comes in white, black, pink, and blue. While this will provide you with decent entertainment, it’s not going to give the best protection for your phone. You’ll have to choose between paying for a gimmick, and an iPhone case that protects the glass front and back of the phone.

Available on JapanTrend

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