Handwarmer with Smartphone Recharge kills two birds with one stone


Handwarmer with Smartphone Recharge
Winter is a time for hot chocolate, cozy moments by the fireplace, and freezing your buns off. While we wish we could hibernate during the cold months, that just isn’t possible. We have to trek out into the frigid air, exhausting not only ourselves, but our gadgets. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried to overwork your gizmos so they’ll warm up.

If you don’t want to rely on devices that aren’t supposed to be hot to warm you up, then you might want to go for an alternative method. The Handwarmer with Smartphone Recharge is going to make this winter seem a little less dreary, as it takes care of two problems at once. It will keep your phone juiced up, and your hands toasty. Talk about a lifesaver! What if your car slid out on your way home from work and you had forgotten to charge your phone during the day?

This has a built-in flashlight for emergencies, can get up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, heats up within 60 seconds, and can stay warm for 5 hours. Of course, it takes about 3.5-5 hours to recharge your smartphone, so you might have to choose between which is more important for your situation. Charging time is about 90 minutes, so you will want to plan ahead. As it has a USB port, it will work with any type of smartphone you have. The cost is around $40 or more with shipping.

Available on Sharper Image, found via RedFerret

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