The Soldier ensures your devices remain juiced up regardless of the condition


the-soldierIt is important to take note that one should continue the good fight in any battle for the cause that you believe in right to the very end, as it shows off the character trait of perseverance. The thing is, some of us give up way too easily along the way, don’t you think so? Same can be said of modern day electronic mobile devices that we bring with us wherever we go. While they tend to add a whole lot of value to our lives, their battery capacity does not seem to be able to do their part in making sure that it can go through more than one day’s worth of vigorous activity. Digital Treasures has got your back with The Soldier, which will be a power product that has been specially designed to battle the elements, ensuring that despite being in extremely rough conditions, it will still keep you connected and juiced.

The Soldier happens to be a reliable and rugged 7800mAh charging station, where it has more than enough power reserves within on a full charge to ensure that your “thirsty” smartphone or tablet gets powered up whenever they run low on batteries, all the while being totally at home in rugged terrain against water and dust, as much as it would also function perfectly well at the home or office. Of course, The Soldier would be better suited for life in the outdoors, just like how birds should not be caged. This makes it an essential tool for the likes of hunters, fishermen, adventurers, campers, and hikers, among others.

Brian Austin, President of Digital Treasures, could not have put it any better when he mentioned, “This charging station is a survivor. There’s absolutely nothing like this out on the market because this product is two-fold: it’s a 7800mAh power bank, and it is virtually indestructible. We [Digital Treasures] put it through a series of rigorous tests (IP67 rating), and it has demonstrated extraordinary resilience in tough situations. With The Soldier, you can reconnect with nature while staying connected to the rest of the world.”

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