Palette gives you a freeform interface to control any software


Lots of work on a computer is tedious, and time consuming. If you’re in the business of music, photography, or animation, then there is a lot of miniscule reparations you need to make constantly. There’s also a lot of squinting at the screen, and trying to move your mouse to the exact location you need to finish the task at hand.

If you’re tired of extra clicking and wish there were an easier way to work your controls, then the Palette might be of interest to you. It’s a freeform interface that will let you control just about any software. It will feel as if you’re turning the volume up on a soundboard or your speakers, but will be changing the contrast in a photo, or fine-tuning your musical masterpiece. You can string together as many of these as you’d like, and can control them through an app on your computer.

They are a tad costly, starting at $99, which will give you the central power unit, a button, a dial, and one slider. They all come in brushed aluminum, and have built-in RGB LEDs which you can control. It would certainly make things easier to color code if you started getting a bunch of them. If you’re wanting a wooden casing instead of metal, you can pay the $140 difference. All you need to do to get these working is plug it in via USB, connect modules, and program them to specific jobs. Over time, an SDK will be available so you can use this for anything you can come up with.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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