Thor’s Hammer Charger – By the Gods, my phone is fully charged!


Having enough power to get us through the day can be difficult. Wall plugs elude us, or are taken away by coworkers or coffee-shop homebodies. We’re always looking for a good charger to keep us going for as long as possible so we don’t have to rely on the grid, but what tips the scales for you to make a choice between one backup battery or another?

I would say Mjolnir would be heavy enough to tip it right? Seeing that the latest super hero movie was Thor, it shouldn’t be surprising that a whole slew of related merchandise was going to pop up. Seeing that he’s the god of thunder, a backup battery seems appropriate, and it’s always better that you get something useful and referential. This USB battery pack comes in three different versions, ranging from 2600 to 10400 mAh. While the higher end will take up to ten hours to charge, it will obviously pack more of a punch too. You can connect via micro USB or 2.0 USB, and it can take on anything from a smartphone to a tablet.

This is made of aluminum, zinc, and plastic, which is actually pretty heavy-duty for a charger. For novelty, every time you swing the hammer, it will light up and make sounds. This is great and all, but do try not to drop it, or it will likely go off and scare you out of your skin. While these are around $125, they are sadly only available in Asia at the moment. You can do special shipping, but it will cost an ungodly amount.

Found via EverythingUSB

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