ORIGIN PC introduces elite gaming peripherals


origin-razerIf there is a particularly discerning gamer in the midst, then you can be sure that the kind of hardware which he or she has would most probably have been built from scratch, using only the best components that their money is able to purchase while offering the best bang for their hard earned buck. The choice of peripherelas, too, is an important one, and some gamers do have a certain amount of brand loyalty that they would not switch brands for anything in the world. ORIGIN PC has just announced a slew of elite gaming peripherals that are powered by Razer, and they are the ORIGIN PC Edition BlackWidow Keyboard, Taipan Mouse and Goliathus Mouse Pad.

I am quite sure that you would have heard of Razer’s slew of gaming peripherals in the past. Well, the ORIGIN PC editions that are powered by Razer would offer a similar level of legendary performance as though you purchased those peripherals directly from Razer itself, although this time around, it would arrive in an exclusive black and red backlit color scheme that you win brownie points over the opponent simply for the fact that your peripherals look menacing enough from the get go, sort of like a Darth Maul on steroids.

The ORIGIN PC BlackWidow keyboard, Taipan mouse and Goliathus mouse pad are said to deliver the power of an ORIGIN PC at a user’s fingertips, while ensuring that you have the relevant tools in order to obliterate the competition. Do bear in mind that you should not have any more kind of excuses after purchasing this set of unique peripherals, since it would mean the lack of skill and gameplay strategy that led to your downfall, and not because of lousy hardware.

They will not come cheap, however, as the ORIGIN PC BlackWidow Keyboard would cost $140, while the ORIGIN PC Taipan Mouse would start at $80 with the accompanying ORIGIN PC Goliathus Mouse Pad burning another $20 hole in your pocket.

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