Xe Hybrid Solar/AC Portable Charger works whatever the weather may be


It may not feel like it, but your phone is actually not that detrimental to your life. I know, I know, that’s crazy talk, but it’s a fact. However, it is certainly annoying when you have a phone, and can’t use it. This most often happens because the battery dies. It’s not like ye olden days where you could go for quite some time without needing to worry about charging up, but alas.

While it’s normally not a huge deal to charge up your phone as there are outlets everywhere, some situations require you to have a backup battery. Most often this happens at conventions, on long road trips, and during outdoor excursions. As I said before, you’re not going to stop breathing if your phone no longer works, but not making a plan for meeting up with friends because you’re relying on your phone working can make things difficult if it’s not on. The Xe Hybrid Solar/AC Portable Charger will make sure you have an extra boost wherever you go.

There is a full-size and a mini option, which will give you around 13 or 6 ½ hours of talk time respectively. Seeing that there are two USB ports, you can charge your phone, tablet, ereader, or pretty much anything you can charge via USB. This will fit in with just about any situation you face as you can rely on the sun to juice it up, or plug it into the wall. Both are made of a wood-plastic composite, a solar panel, and a lithium ion battery. It will cost you anywhere from $40-60 depending on the size you want.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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