USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer lets you enjoy the best of both worlds


usb-thermoelectric-cooler-warmerSome of us like our beverages piping hot, while others prefer theirs to arrive in an ice cold fashion. Despite the contrasting temperatures, one thing between the two would remain absolutely constant, and that would be the fact that you would want your drink to maintain the temperature in which it was served to you, assuming the barista got it right the first time around. Regardless of which side of the fence that you sit on, the $19.99 USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer sounds as though it is capable of getting the job done.

This unique device would run on USB power, ensuring that your drink remains at the perfect temperature all the time. It ought to gain you some new admirers at the office, at the same time there is also the risk of raising the ire and jealousy of all your co-workers. It relies on a thermoelectric cooler/warmer to get the job done, where it can chill a can down to 46° F or to ensure that a can remains warm up to 149° F. The magnetic door closure alongside a retro design makes it a must-have peripheral in any office cubicle.

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