Prepology Cordless Automatic Stirrer gives you a helping hand


Thanksgiving is coming, and for many of us, that means making an insane amount of food. While we love them dearly, they always seem to want to hover near the kitchen and talk while we do the work. Keeping five or more dishes from burning is quite a feat, especially when you only have two hands to do everything.

If you wish there was someone who would help you without inadvertently messing anything up, the Prepology Cordless Automatic Stirrer might be of use. This was inspired from a toy, and became a helpful hand in the kitchen. It’s only function, is to stir whatever you put in a bowl with it. Once you put it in a bowl, it travels all over the place much in the same way a Roomba would through your home.

There are three different speeds to choose from, that you’ll want to choose based on what you’re making. While this can handle a variety of foods, it’s best to keep this out of thicker food such as risotto or oatmeal. They need four double A batteries to function, and come in res, green, or blue. They cost less than $10, and come in a set of two. This could be a way to make Thanksgiving day cooking easier, and give you a gift for someone for Christmas. It should definitely be noted that this would be perfect for those who have arthritis, but still love to cook.

Available for purchase on QVC

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