Kisai Rorschach has a face that keeps changing



It’s interesting to see the way that other people perceive the world around them. Some are naturally more enthusiastic, others are more pessimistic, and some plod through existence as if it’s merely part of the process. For those that want to learn more about themselves or someone else, using a Rorschach Ink Blot test can teach you a lot about the inner workings of another mind. It almost seems funny that so much can be said about your description of a splotch on a paper.

If this sort of thing is fascinating to you, then the Kisai Rorschach ePaper Watch might be of interest. It has the same sort of feel that a Rorschach test does, but it has the time hiding in it. The people at TokyoFlash are rather exquisite at hiding the time in plain sight. As always, once you see it, you almost feel silly for not noticing it in the first place. The hour is in the upper right hand corner, and the minutes are in the bottom left, and opposing them is a mirror image of the number. There are levels of difficulty on this one, starting with easy, medium, and brain buster.

As this is an ePaper display, it is very low-power, and won’t need a battery change for a few years if not more depending on whether or not you put it on standby at night. You can get this watch with black, white or brown leather for the strap with combinations of black and silver, white and silver, or gold and black faces respectively. There is also an option for black or silver metal wrist straps. You can choose whether the background is black or white, with the opposite being the numbers, or set one mode for sunset, and one for sunrise. These are far thinner than most watches you’ll come across because of the ePaper aspect, and it will cost you  around $180.

Available on TokyoFlash

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