How about flirting with the water cooler instead?


microsoft-water-coolerMost of the time, plenty of gossip and some of the more tempting conversations happen around the water cooler at the office, and if there was a smart person who would love to make plenty of money, he or she would have come up with a water cooler that has the hidden abilities of recording conversations and perhaps throw in a video camera for good measure. Now that would certainly be the cause of many a lawsuit if the recorded people were to find out about it, btu thankfully, this unique water cooler invention is not that snoopish. In fact, this is an office water cooler that would want you to flirt with it.

This unique water cooler is the brainchild of a Microsoft intern who is better known as Halley Profita. Right now, is working her way to earn her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Boulder through the creation of clothes that will feature computer sensors. Who knows, if Profita goes far enough in her chosen career, the very shirt that you wear some time down the road might actually come with the relevant kind of sensors which will be able to keep track of your health condition while you are on the move?

Back to this unique office water cooler. Profita’s summer internship at Microsoft certainly sounds like an extremely fun and profitable one, since her invention of this water cooler has been augmented with a Kinect sensor, allowing this water cooler to “flirt” with you. Just how does it work?

Well, the Kinect sensor is there for a purpose – whenever you are near it, it will be able to tell that there is a human presence. Obviously the kind of colors that it emanates will have a difference in its mood, and if you choose not to interact with it despite having it detect your presence nearby, it would glow differently to denote its current mood. Not the best therapist for sure, and neither is it as juicy as normal office gossip, but at least your other half won’t get jealous of you hanging out with a machine!

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