Shoot to kill with a Slingshot, just like Zelda!


Y-Shot Slingshot
Before you start frothing at the mouth, I know that it’s Link that used one, not Zelda, but I couldn’t resist. The slingshot is more commonly seen as a toy rather than a weapon, but in the right hands just about anything can be dangerous. That being said, you still don’t hear of many people flinging ball bearings around during hunting season.

If you like doing things in the most non-traditional way possible, maybe revisiting this old tool will be up your alley. The Montie Gear Y-Shot high tech slingshot is a well-crafted piece of equipment. It is made of half-inch thick aluminum, with a powder-coating of paint in either black, pink, zombie green, or tan. In addition to being a weapon, it also has paracord on the handle in case you need it in the field. Of course, it also makes the grip a little easier on your hand.

The band is made of a Thera-Band Gold material that is supposed to help you shoot faster, and not give out for quite some time. You’ll receive instructions on how to change out the band, because it will eventually give way. This $130-160 slingshot can fire a 1/2” ball bearing or a .44 cal lead ball ammo with a 28” draw at about a 16 pound pull weight. If you’re getting this for your zombie survival plan kit, then you’ll want to make sure you practice fairly often with it.

Available at MontieGear, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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