Bag Light offers an interesting twist to a staple living room feature


baglightMost living rooms or homes would come with a lamp, or at least several, which will dot the various parts of the house to give it ambient light and some warmth as and when required. The thing is, most of the designs for these lamps happen to be boring and rather “dry”, so to speak. How about injecting a little bit of modernist art to the average table lamp? This is where the £34.99 Bag Light comes in handy!

The Bag Light basically delivers a modern and simple twist on a disposable object, where it results in a soft and warm diffused glow. You would be able to use this as the ideal uplight or night light, and we would strongly recommend against using this to carry your groceries of course. To soothe that eco-warrior spirit in you, the Bag Light happens to be made out of recyclable materials, and it is also a whole lot more safer and longer-lasting compared to placing tealights in a paper bag. The Bag Light will definitely be able to fool folks into thinking that this is some sort of paper bag at first glance, until the magic of electricity powers it on.

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