Heated Cotton Robe offers warm respite from winter’s chill


heated-bathrobeWinter is upon us in certain countries around the globe, and it makes perfect sense that you would take all of the necessary precautions in order to keep yourself warm and toasty, whether you are at home or on the outside. Well, wearing a robe is always a comfortable experience, even more so when it is made out of Egyptian cotton, but will it be able to keep you nice and warm when the mercury falls to unbelievably low levels? It is a good thing that technology could help you out here, and the $149.95 Heated Cotton Robe is the ideal product.

The Heated Cotton Robe, as its name implies, comes with enough heating elements that have been strategically located in the front as well as back, helping deliver full-body warmth in a jiffy. The flat heating elements are able to reach temperatures from 100° F to 165° F without making it look too bulky or uncomfortable. You will be able to choose from a trio of temperature settings which can be controlled via a lightweight 12-volt lithium-ion battery pack. A full charge would offer 6.5 hours of warmth at the lowest temperature, and when it runs empty, it will require three hours to juice up completely.

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