Brother’s ScanNCut Machine – the Cricut Killer?



It’s that time again. The holidays are creeping up on us, and at least in this house, thoughts have turned to Christmas cards, presents and picture taking. It’s this time of year I usually drag out my Cricut cutting machine to add some flair to holiday cards, make some decorative gift boxes and ornaments, and start up the scrapbooking. But there’s a new cutting machine in town, and it doesn’t require any of the creativity-hindering cartridges that the Cricut does…

Check out Brother’s ScanNCut Machine, a brand new personal cutting machine that can actually turn any of your scanned images into unique cutting designs and projects, and now you don’t need special software, or any of those pesky cartridges. Now you can create unique one-of-a-kind crafts, with the only limitation being your imagination!

The magic happens with the inclusion of a 300 DPI scanner. This enables you to  scan virtually anything – a sketch or drawing, a magazine clipping, personal photos, and more, allowing you to create virtually endless cut designs that you can save to the ScanNCut’s memory. And, you can even use the ScanNCut machine as a home scanner to archive your pictures, and documents, and save them for use in your home computer.

The ScanNCut machine is available in two models – the CM100DM and the CM550DX. Both machines have similar cutting capabilities but have different package options and features that will cater to an individual crafters needs. The machines start at under 400 bucks, and believe me, if you are a crafter or home hobbyist, you will find this machine indispensable for a tremendous number of your projects. Since accessories vary by model, please visit for more details, or to just go ahead and get yourself one.

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