FAVI Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock showcases NFC technology


boomerangWireless audio docks do seem to be more and more popular these days, otherwise, why is there a need for hardware manufacturers to start churning out more and more of these puppie? Well, the folks over at FAVI Entertainment have announced their crescent-shaped Boomerang Wireless Audio Dock, which happens to be an on-the-go home theater system which caters for your mobile device or tablet, all the while boasting of tap-to-pair NFC technology that offers simple connectivity with compatible devices. The Boomerang wireless audio dock would live up to its namesake of course, where it arrives in a crescent shape, although I seriously doubt that throwing this at an angle away from you will see it return to your hands safe and sound, as the law of gravity would then come into play.

It does not matter whether you are watching a movie, or simply having a conversation using Skype, the Boomerang is able to allow you to enjoy stereo style sound on your iPad, iPhone or Android device with but a simple tap. Just how does it get the job done? Well, it will rely on the most recent version of Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing you to tap your Bluetooth enabled device to the Boomerang in order to pair with it. Not only that, when it comes to portability, the Boomerang’s a winner thanks to its unique shape that makes it a snap to tote around, while it fits comfortably around your neck when it is not in use.

Among the other key features of the Boomerang wireless audio dock would include an Expansion Sleeve Design which enables you to easily adjust the viewing angle and accommodate for various sizes, a pair of 6W Stereo Sound that delivers integrated bass boosts,and up to 10 hours of battery life via its built-in lithium ion battery. It is available for $79.99 a pop in white, black, red, yellow, purple and pink shades.

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Clarity Says: November 18, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Nice concept and it beats having to buy speakers and a stand or use the lame stand that comes with the ipad… never seemed sturdy enough. Nice job!

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