The Bulletproof Suit – Sticks and stones may break my bones, but shooting me won’t hurt me


Bulletproof Suit
There are some jobs that have you constantly looking over your shoulder. Oftentimes, it’s with high-price products such as oil and diamonds. Thanks to Hollywood, we have an inkling of an idea of how dangerous that market is, but there are many times when real life is worse than what’s on a screen. Simple negotiations could end in someone being seriously injured or killed.

Needless to say, you don’t want to walk in or out of business talks in a different country with a security detail, as that shows you don’t trust the other party. However, if you want to make sure you’re safe from bullets, the suit tailor Garrison Bespoke will have you covered, literally. They put themselves in the market of making Bulletproof Suits. These are lightweight, modern, and can take several hits from 9mm bullets or an attack from a hunting knife.

This is possible thanks to a multitude of layers of custom carbon nanotubes that are the same design from US troops uniforms. Of course, this is patented, and is far thinner than what is used on the battlefield, but you will always have a literal shield when you walk into a meeting. This was said to cost somewhere around $20,000, as they are essentially providing life insurance. The only problem is if you face that kind of fear every day, and need a suit for every day of the week. Not only that, but while it may keep your vital organs safe, you have to remember that your head is still exposed. It may save you from one danger, but not all of them.

Available via Garrison Bespoke, found via technabob

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