Comrad Gaming Helmet makes in-game communication a snap


comrad-gaming-helmetRemember the good old days when you were playing a networked game, and the only way you could communicate with you teammates was by shouting to them across the room in a LAN setup, or if it was based on an Internet connection, you hit the “T” button on your keyboard in order to type whatever you wanted to say? Well, in-game communication as well as the speed of Internet connectivity has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, allowing one to speak naturally over the microphone while the rest of the team gets the message. In order to ensure a crystal clear message, the proper hardware needs to be in place, and this is where the likes of the $59.99 Comrad Gaming Helmet gets the job done.

Not only that, the Comrad Gaming Helmet also adds that touch of realism by resembling that of an actual soldier’s helmet, now how about that? It is ideal for the hardcore military gaming addict as it delivers a fully-immersive FPS audio experience. There would be on helmet master audio volume, separate chat volume, and mute button controls, not to mention wireless speakers, ensuring that you can trash talk all you want – hands-free! It basically works with the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PC, or Mac without breaking a sweat, and will also play nice with Oculus Rift when it arrives.

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