Kinsa iPhone Thermometer will give you a map of who is sick in your town


Kinsa iPhone Thermometer
It seems funny to say that you hear a ‘bug is going around’ when people randomly start getting sick. Everyone mysteriously has it, and if you haven’t caught it yet, you probably will. While there are people to predict weather patterns, you can’t really tell when an illness outbreak is going to happen. Not only that, but where it’s going to start, and what kind of illness it is.

What if there was an app that could tell you that kind of information? Not only that, but one capable of keeping track of your health status. The Kinsa iPhone Thermometer seems like a very basic medical tool adapted for smartphone use, but it is much more than that. This will allow you to take your temperature, and check who in your area has a high fever, or a slew of other medical conditions. In all honesty, we haven’t had a way to know who’s sick and who’s not before other than through small talk.

This thermometer is aimed at parents with children, as it is flexible, has an animated screen while you’re checking your temp, and relates how you feel to smiling or frowning faces. This is supposed to be a low-cost item, but the price is not listed just yet as it’s not up for purchase at the moment. While it will be available ‘soon’, who knows how long that could be. It is worth mentioning that this can’t really be used at its full potential unless a large multitude of people decide to not only buy this, but also be diligent in updating their health status. While it’s a great idea, I’m not sure if enough individuals would actually keep up with it to make it worthwhile.

Available soon on Kinsa, found via technabob

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