Jawbone rolls out new UP24 wristband


jawbone-up24The folks over at Jawbone have been involved in various peripherals for quite a fair number of years already, and one of the more impressive devices that wowed the masses initially back in their early days would definitely be the Jawbone Aliph headset that relied on bone conduction technology to help you carry out a conversation loud and clear even when you are in the middle of a nightclub with the volume pumped up all the way to the maximum. Well, this time around, Jawbone has introduced a new real time experience with their UP system, coming in the form of the data-powered UP 3.0 App and UP24. The Jawbone UP24 would be a new wristband that will make up part of the UP family, where it delivers tailored, actionable information that is based on your data.

Will this particular piece of hardware, coupled with the accompanying UP 3.0 app be able to make your life a whole lot better? For starters, it will rely on your very own data so that it can offer up insights and celebrate milestones, all the while challenging you to accomplish more each and every single day. As for the UP24 wristband, it will be powered by MotionX, where it will hook up wirelessly to your iOS device using Bluetooth Smart in order to provide non-stop and constant feedback as well as in-the-moment notifications so that you would be able to move closer in achieving your goals.

The UP 3.0 App for iOS will function as an encourager and motivator, helping you take the small but necessary steps in transforming your life in the long term, all based on your unique data from your UP or UP24 wristband. Apart from that, the UP App will also celebrate meaningful milestones such as hitting your millionth step taken or logging 1,000 hours of sleep. Hmmm, 1,000 hours of sleep, I could certainly make do with that. The UP24 band will arrive in a trio of sizes, namely small, medium and large, where you can choose from Onyx and Persimmon shades with a retail price of $149.99 each.

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