iPhone Binoculars cater for the latest iPhone 5s, too


iphone-binocularsEarlier this year, before the iPhone 5s was released, we talked about a binocular adapter for the iPhone which is said to offer your smartphone a whole new way of snapping photos and recording videos. Well, the advent of the iPhone 5s would mean that a slew of new peripherals need to be developed again to cater for the latest iPhone model, and the $99.95 iPhone Binoculars would be just the thing.

Basically, this is no adapter, but rather, they are actual field binoculars which will attach to an iPhone to deliver an easy viewing and recording experience. Via the view through the eyepiece, it will be able to transfer everything it surveys to the phone’s camera lens, where it will then transform the phone into a viewfinder so that you can share the sights with friends or to snap photos of whatever action that is going on at that point in time. There will be 36mm lenses on the binoculars that deliver 8X magnification, delivering a total of a 426-foot field of view at 1,000 yards. The included phone cases will fit the iPhone 5S/5 and 4S/4, and the field glasses also double up as a pair of standard binoculars when detached.

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