Impossible Instant Lab is the modern day Polaroid instant photo


impossible-instant-labPhoto booths at weddings seem to be one part that is eternally popular, and different couples do it differently. Some leave an instant camera there for folks to shoot a photo and print it out on the spot, while others prefer to have a professional photographer capture the couples there (with their props) and print it out using a photo printer tucked away in a corner somewhere. I suppose the advent of technology makes things easier, as with the case of the £240 Impossible Instant Lab.

After all, smartphone cameras have gotten more and more impressive in their photo taking capabilities over the years, so much so that they have far outstripped the quality of entry level digital cameras of yesterday. With the Impossible Instant Lab, you will be able to turn those photos stored on your iPhone into an actual photo, and the entire shebang is extremely easy to use, printing out photos in a matter of seconds. From there, you will just need to wait for a little while and see these photos develop in the palm of your hand. Using it is a no-brainer, just select a photo on your iPhone, place the handset on the cradle, and press the eject button; and you’re good to go.

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