4-in-1 Paper Log Maker will help warm you up and cut down on waste


Paper Log Maker
Take a moment and think about how much we toss in the garbage per day. What kind of trash is it, and where is it going to go after you put it out for the truck to haul off? There are a myriad of ways we can cut down on personal waste, but the best way is to find new uses for what would otherwise be tossed in a landfill.

Even though we’re far more digitally inclined than we used to be, paper products are still thrown out on the regular. Seeing as winter is quickly approaching, and those items can be burned rather than tossed, why not make them useable again with the 4-in-1 Paper Log Maker? It would be far better than buying wood (if you don’t live in an area where you can chop your own), and contributing to even more trees being cut down.

This may sound like tree-hugger talk, but it’s really just using what we have in front of us. All you need do with this is put in newspapers, wrapping paper, wood chips, cardboard, etc. and add water. Make sure you shred or tear up all the paper products beforehand. Let it sit for a few days so it can break down all the fibers, then squeeze out the excess liquid, and pull out four paper bricks. These will need some additional drying too, but it’s still a better option than buying a starter log or firewood. This will only cost you $50, and seems simple enough to be made at home.

Available for purchase on kotulas, found via thegreenhead

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