Carpenter Collection gives you a bendable wood watch


Wooden watch
Everyone is trying their best to be Eco-friendly, but that usually just means recycling, and watching your water or power consumption. There are a lot of things that aren’t good for our environment, but possibly the worst of all is our buy-toss-upgrade mentality. Plastics and metals that are prevalent in most products we buy nowadays aren’t going to do the Earth any good once you throw them out, even if their main function is to help the environment.

It’s best to use things that come from the Earth naturally, and can return to the ground through decomposition. Wooden watches have been a big deal as of late, but they are a bit clunky. If you’re wanting something a bit more streamlined, but still stays true to form, then you might like the Carpenter Collection All-Natural Wood Watch from Analog Watch Company. The most intriguing part is that even the strap is made of wood, and it isn’t rigid!

This is a very minimal design with no number markings on the face of the watch. This aspect is made of wood, as is the veneer over the black leather strap. There are metal components, and while it is water resistant, you won’t want to shower or swim with this on. Laying down $85 on this crowdfunding project will get you your choice of makore and red sanders, silverheart and maple, teak and bamboo, or leather and blackwood.

Crowdfunding available on Kickstarter, found via designyoutrust

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HiHat Says: November 8, 2013 at 9:44 am

“Eco-friendly” watch powered by a battery? FAIL!

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