Homekite – No Wind? No Park? No Problem!



I guess there could be any number of reasons you don’t want to go outside to engage in your kite-flying  pursuits. Rain, cold weather, Benjamin Franklin-esque electrocution paranoia, fear of zombie apocalypse, or perhaps you simply can not tear yourself away from your favorite soap operas, or the nightly news. Whatever the case may be, I’ve got you covered.

Check out the Homekite, quite possibly the worlds very best (and only) indoor, flyable kite. I know, your thinking you probably don’t have enough of a breeze zipping through your living room, but never fear,  Homekites are powered by a hand crank, and in order to add some degree of difficulty to this indoor flight extravaganza, this crank must be turned continuously in order to keep it aloft.

The kites are super soft and attached to the hand crank by an amazing 2 foot long cord, so they are easily controlled, and unlikely to cause damage during your spine tingling indoor kite flying activities. The developer of the Homekite says it’s a great way to teach youngsters about kinetic energy and basic physics. I happen to think its and even better way to tell someone to go fly a kite, and really mean it.

There are six lively and colorful Homekites that you can choose from including white, black, red, orange and green and if you feel like you really need one, (really?) they can be had for right around 50 bucks from japantrendshop.com, but I know you’re holding out for something substantially more exciting, like the waiting-for-paint-to-dry olympics.

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