Kwikset introduces its Kevo smart lock


kwiksetEver heard of the company Kwikset before? They happen to be a leading brand when it comes to hardware and home improvement, and this time around, they have something interesting for the masses to check out in terms of home security. After all, every man has his castle, and in order to make sure that his modern day abode remains safe and sound from any intrusions (as much as it is possible anyways), here is the Kevo smart lock from Kwikset. The Kevo smart lock happens to be a highly anticipated Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt that will transform your iPhone into your house key. I know that there will be some level of consternation among you, since losing your phone would also mean that you would have lost your house key. Let us read on how the Kevo smart lock would work right after the jump.

Touted to be convenient and versatile, the Kevo smart lock would enable owners to have the ability to unlock the door with their smartphone, accompanied by a simple touch. Not only that, you are also able to send electronic keys (eKeys) to family, friends and service people; in addition to receiving notifications whenever there is someone who enters or exits their door.

The moment an eKey is sent, recipients will just need to download the mobile app if you have not yet installed it. Once that is done, just keep the iPhone in your handbag or pocket, and the door can be unlocked with but a simple touch. There will be many different levels of permission, and Kevo Owners and Administrators have authorization to send, delete and disable eKeys within a matter of seconds. Once eKeys have been distributed, you also have the choice of receiving notifications whenever a user locks or unlocks the door, paving the way for convenient home security management. Do you think this is better than a traditional set of keys?

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James Frost Says: February 20, 2014 at 9:24 am

This is a great smart lock which can be controlled through our smartphones and for this bluetooth is a must.But it got some flaws like they didn’t took storm precautions and some more so the manufacturers should give attention to these and try to fix them as they will face a lot competition from same kind of locks or better than this one.So improvements are needed.

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