DIY Pulsing Science Warning Solar Light Kit needs no batteries at all


diy-pulsing-kitBack when you were a kid, one of the most annoying things about those devices or toys that you had was this – they ran on batteries, and at times, the amount of batteries which you go through could prove to be frightening to say the least. After all, money definitely does not grow on trees, so it would make perfect sense if your parents rationed the number of batteries that you used. It is then nice to know that you can give your kid a gift that does not need any batteries as it will be powered by the sun – in the form of the $34.99 DIY Pulsing Science Warning Solar Light Kit.

As its name suggests, the DIY Pulsing Science Warning Solar Light Kit will be able to bask in the sun all day, charging up its power reserves so that throughout the night, it will be able to pulse all the way through. There will be a quartet of different warning symbols that will offer you good dreams, if you believe in that sort of modern superstition. The DIY Pulsing Science Warning Solar Light Kit will come with all the required items to work out a solar lantern, save for some solder, a soldering iron, and of course, the most important ingredient to get it going, sunlight. It takes around 2 hours to get this puppy together, before you place it under the sun to juice itself up.

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