Cruisin’ Caskets – for the Ride of Your…Life?



Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean that my thoughts are not still dwelling on ghosts and skeletons… (and of course the 7 pounds of candy sitting in the basket downstairs.) But while my thoughts are still on dead things, It made me start to wonder about the many ways you could be laid to rest. I mean, I’ve never considered myself a traditional kind of girl, so whats out there for me?

Well check out Cruisin’ Caskets, setting aside the common felt lined box, Crusin’ Caskets creates custom car designs for any car lover that wants to leave this world in style. These awesome, car-shaped coffins are made of fiberglass and open much the same way that standard coffins do, with a hinged top. Crusin’ Coffins also have plush upholstered interiors and come in a wide variety of colors and automotive designs. You can even choose from tire types and rim options.

These stylish coffins can be made to resemble almost any make of car, from the cool 1950’s American-made muscle cars to vehicles that are just rolling off the assembly line. In case you don’t think you’ll be needing a casket in the not too distant future, you can purchase one of these custom works of art to use as a nifty party cooler (with a replaceable liner ) until such time you can put it to its intended use, as your ride into eternity. Custom made Cruisin’ Caskets have a starting price around 5500 bucks. For more info, or to check out pictures and videos, visit the Cruisin’ Caskets website.

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Paul Smithberger Says: November 4, 2013 at 3:48 pm

At first I thought they were Hearses.

It’s just weird to think of style when it comes to caskets for some reason.

Why not though? I guess it would make the funeral a little more upbeat for the attendees.

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