Microsoft Surface 2 tablet hopes to make an impact


surface2When it comes to the world of tablets, Microsoft is definitely not one of the first names that you would think of. After all, the tablet market is currently dominated by a couple of names – Apple’s iOS as well as the Android mobile operating system from Google, whereas Microsoft has just entered the tablet arena recently. In terms of success, it really depends on which particular viewpoint you are looking from. The original Surface tablet did hold some promise at first, but it did not quite make the kind of impact as expected. Good to know that Microsoft is not a company that gives up easily. Take the Xbox for example – it basically was a no-show in Japan when it first released, but they have had moderate success with the Xbox 360 when it came out in that region. The Surface tablet situation can be somewhat attributed to a similar manner, where it did not sell that much at all, so it is not surprising to see that Microsoft has recently announced the Surface 2 tablet.

Enhancements have been made to Windows 8.1 RT which runs on the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, making sure that it is even more powerful and customizable. If you have decided to pick up the Surface 2, then you will be pleased to hear that there are additonial goodies that have been thrown into the mix – where they include free Skype calling to landlines in over 60 countries for an entire year, unlimited Skype Wi-Fi at over 2 million hotspots worldwide for one year, in addition to 200GB of free SkyDrive storage that can last for a good two years.

The Surface 2 runs on an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, where it will also be accompanied by a 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display which does 1080p video, featuring a full-size USB 3.0 port, a 3.5-megapixel camera in front, a 5-megapixel camera at the back, and coming in a slightly thinner and lighter form factor compared to its predecessor. The Surface 2 will arrive in 32GB and 64GB configurations, with prices starting from $449.

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