SoundFlow Soundboard Portable Speaker from VOXX kisses goodbye to wires


soundflowThe folks over at VOXX Accessories have just announced the launch of the SoundFlow Soundboard portable speaker, so if you have been on the lookout for something like it all this while, now might be the time to check this out. The SoundFlow Soundboard Portable Speaker would be able to let you enjoy smartphone audio instantly in a big way, where there is no need for pesky wires which tend to get all tangled up, all the while doing away with having to pair up or to connect to another device. All you need to do is to place any smartphone on top of the Soundboard, and the SoundFlow wireless audio will get the rest of the job done.

When it comes to brand compatibility, you can more or less say that the SoundFlow Soundboard Portable Speaker will be able to support virtually all brands and models that you can find in the market today where smartphones are concerned. In fact, just about any portable device that has a built-in speaker will be able to get the job done with the Soundboard. If you are interested inwhat the Soundboard is able to do, it will arrive in a trio of different colors and models, and they are SP20WHBK (white top, chrome trim and black bottom), SP20WDBK (woodgrain top, chrome trim and black bottom), and SP20BKGR (matte black top, lime green trim and black bottom).

Just like how all good solutions tend to come about as a result of a problem in the past, so too, the same applies with the SoundFlow wireless audio technology. It was developed by VOXX because they realized that nearly 80% of smartphone users who listen to music from their phones rely on the integrated speakers 55% of the time, so the SoundFlow Soundboard was developed in order to introduce an easy solution for smartphone users to enjoy enhanced sound quality and amplification without breaking the bank.

After all, with an asking price of just $29.99 a pop, not buying the SoundFlow Soundboard Portable Speaker does sound criminal indeed.

Press Release (PDF Link)

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