Ribbit Smartphone Dock is a wireless handset and speaker


While smartphones are great, I kind of miss picking up a land line receiver and having a long-winded conversation. You can’t wedge an iPhone in between your shoulder and under your ear the same way, and it has a knack for slipping out and escaping to the ground. There just isn’t a justifiable need for home phones anymore as we all have one in our pocket. While we don’t want to pay two separate phone bills, it would be nice to have the handset option available.

The Ribbit nods to the past while making sure it still fits into our modern world. This is a charging dock that has both a wireless handset and works as a speaker. Your phone or tablet can charge away while you’re off discussing the weather with mom and dad in the other room. Of course, right after that’s over you can let your music resume and get back to the secret dance party you were having.

This won’t take up much space, and only comes in a dark grey and orange color combination. The handset will need to charge up at least once or twice a week (depending on how much you like to talk), and can last for 6 hours of use with 35 hours of standby time if it’s all juiced up. There is a USB charging cable included, and there are volume controls as well as a noise reduction system. This will cost you about $50, and would be perfect for a home office, or trying to make your personal phone look more professional at work.

Available at DreemCheeky

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