Impress Coffee Brewer gives you french press coffee on the go


Impress Coffee
French press coffee is fresh and delicious, but you have to transfer it from the container it’s made in to a to-go cup in the morning. There are travel mugs that use this brewing method, but by the time you get half way through, it’s more sludge than beverage. Getting a mouthful of those little granules at the bottom do not a happy morning make.

The Impress Coffee Brewer looks like it might be up for the daily challenge of giving you scrumptious french press coffee without making it disgusting within minutes of brewing it. There are three sections to this to-go mug, and together they look more like a time capsule than a way to make the beverage of the gods. Thankfully, it’s easy to make, and will have your drink ready within minutes.

The first part is filling the outer tank with hot water and coffee. Let it sit, then press down in the inner canister which will fill with your morning pick-me-up. Thanks to how this cup is put together, it will provide insulation, and make sure that after it has been pressed, it will stop brewing the grounds any further. There are specific instructions to not press too quickly, or you’ll have hot water shooting out of the bottom like a geyser. You can choose to get this mug in black or silver, and it will cost you around $60 if you’re interested.

Impress method

Available for purchase on Firebox

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Beth Khalifa Says: October 28, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Hi! I am co-owner and creative director of Gamila Company – the company who created the Impress Coffee Brewer 🙂 I was hoping you could add a link to our site for people who may wish to purchase the Impress from within the United States. The FIREBOX link is totally AWESOME – YAY! But I think that pricing is converting UK pricing to dollars which ends up being higher than the within-the-USA MSRP ($40). If this all makes sense and is cool with you, I was hoping you could just add a line that differentiates…Available for purchase in UK at FIREBOX (link) and from GAMILA COMPANY (link) for USA purchasers. The Gamila Company link is here:

Thanks so much!

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