SE Hand Powered Dynamo Flashlight is perfect for when you’re in a pinch


There are so many different kinds of lighting options out there. Some are crafted from fine materials, others are mass produced and available at almost any convenience store. Of course, should the power go out, it won’t matter what it’s made of, because it won’t work.

Even though we have plenty of lamps and flashlights, there’s always going to be a time where you need another option. It’s a predicament we’ve all faced in the past, and will continue to deal with. The best we can do is try to have as many backups as possible that work in different situations. You can get solar powered, battery powered, hand-cranked, electric, or the most obnoxious option; the squeeze light. The Hand Powered Dynamo Flashlight uses this method, and boy are these things annoying.

They don’t need batteries, and it has LED lights that shine over wherever you need a little extra illumination. Just that information doesn’t make it sound so bad. However, as somone who has built one of these in the past, they are loud as all get out. While the price is $7~, you can certainly find it for cheaper if you hunt, as their bothersome sound often outweighs their use. It will help you when you need it, and is a valid option during a power outage, but it’s certainly one of things you would hope you never have to use.

Available for purchase via Rakuten

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