The Medtronic Smart Pump – Major Step towards an Artificial Pancreas



Most folks know someone with diabetes, a family member or friend, who deals with the constant finger sticking and subsequent injections. I guess eventually you get used to it, and it becomes less intrusive, however, I have to believe a device that could monitor your blood sugar and supply insulin as needed would be quite exciting to most people dealing with diabetes.

Let me introduce you to the Smart Pump. For people with diabetes, having low blood sugar can translate to a lack of energy during the day, but terrifyingly, if this low blood sugar occurs when a person is sleeping, it can lead to comas, seizures, or worse. The use of a device like a Smart Pump, that  actually shuts off the insulin supply for hours whenever a person’s blood-sugar falls below a certain level, can protect you while you are asleep, and since it continuously monitors your levels, the Smart Pump could end your daytime jabbing as well.

This technology is already available in Europe and it is making strides towards producing a device that could work as a true artificial pancreas,  completely eliminating the life and health threatening blood-sugar highs and lows by being able to precisely track your  glucose levels and then delivering specific doses of insulin on demand.

This summer, Medtronic began the first enrollments in its overnight study and feasibility trials in order to forge its way towards making a fully automated true artificial pancreas for those of us with diabetes, and the results appear to have been very promising. This system would require no interaction from the user after it’s calibration, and it could change peoples lives forever. To keep up with new developments, please visit


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