Batman Replica Backpack won’t turn you into the world’s greatest detective


batman-backpackWe all know that between Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, the former would be the one with a grittier outlook in life, being more reserved and far less flamboyant where his genius in getting out of tight situations does not require so much of firepower or a massive technological advantage, but rather, plain ol’ psychology as well as a slice of fortune. Batman is not called the “World’s Greatest Detective” for nothing, and you too, can try to think like him by putting on the $299.99 Batman Replica Backpack.

One word of caution though – the Batman Replica Backpack will not transform back into a cape, despite it being a limited edition Dark Knight Rises molded leather backpack. Motorcyclists would most probably find this to be worth the purchase if they happen to be a huge fan of Batman himself, and just to make sure that we are all on the right footing, the Batman Replica Backpack is an officially licensed Batman merchandise. This backpack sports a prism-shaped storage area within, and since it is molded, it is ideal to protect fragile items within.

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