Flame Stower will charge your phone, and let you play with fire


There are only a few necessities in life. Food, shelter, and water to drink are the top three. Although we don’t actually have to have it, our smartphones feel like an extension of ourselves, and going without it for a day feels the same as going a day without clothes. When you’re going camping, there isn’t exactly an outlet ready and waiting, so you’ll need to look to some alternative methods to power up your phone.

While solar panels are a great option, they don’t work for every scenario. Backup batteries are great, so long as you only need one extra charge, then you’ll have another useless brick. One thing that usually comes with camping is a campfire. The FlameStower was created to fill your need to juice up your phone, and make sitting by the fire that much more enjoyable as it will simultaneously charge your mobile device. It’s a fairly simple construction, but you will need your charger cable, and a small amount of water. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure you have the fire part as well.

The FlameStower can charge most USB gear through heat transfer. The water reservoir keeps the opposite side of the generator cool, and the difference in temperature creates electricity. It’s maximum output is 3W, and you can average about 3 minutes of talk time per one minute of charging. It is very compact, and easy to setup or break down and stash in your pack. Putting down $80 will let you take one of these home.

Crowdfunding available on Kickstarter

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