BearTek Gloves let you control your gadgets in frosty conditions


BearTek Gloves
There’s nothing quite like seeing a new sheet of snow covering the ground. It all looks so peaceful, and you can enjoy the scenery, until you get your snow gear on and romp in it. While most everyone can enjoy playing in the snow and calling it a day, others like to make sure they’re still connected to their gadgets.

Putting your phone in your pocket and using a headset might make it more readily accessible, but getting the phone out and answering the call is another matter. Of course, lots of people also like to listen to music all day every day, regardless of the conditions. Even if you have the ability to answer calls easily, skipping through tracks of your favorite tunes might not be as simple.

You definitely don’t want to get snow on or in your fancy phone, or be trying to pull out a headphone cord while running around outside. This is where the BearTek Gloves would come in handy. These were designed to be compatible with your Bluetooth devices, and keep your phalanges from getting frosty. The buttons are on the sides of the fingers, so while you’ll have to go  bit out of you way to hit them, it will be far easier than fiddling with you phone. There are gloves designed for motorcyclists, snow sports enthusiasts, or lovers of gadgetry. They’ll cost you anywhere from $95-145 depending on the type you choose. Of course, if you want to purchase the various modules that allow you to pair your phone with these, it’ll cost you an additional $140 or more.

Available for purchase through BearTek, found via technabob

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