Mazebot Desk Pet helps alleviate boredom at the office


mazebotWorking at the office can be quite a drag, especially when you feel that you are stuck in a dead end job, but are just slogging it away in front of the computer so that you can make ends meet. There is not much joy left in the office environment, and the stifling coat and tie routine is starting to make you gag, but you plod on just because of the car and house mortgages. Well, why not inject some fun and life into your cubicle with the $29.99 Mazebot Desk Pet?

The Mazebot Desk Pet will be able to set the stage for epic desktop battles, where it comes in the form of a snap-together maze kit that will cater for desktop toys. You will, of course, need to have smartphone-controlled Desk Pets to play with this, but basically, your imagination would play a large role in making sure that the race tracks as well as mazes that you create are fun enough to play over and over again with the rest of your equally burned out colleagues. This is the ideal layout for Battletank fights, to race Carbots or Tankbots, or simply a place where these toys will be able to interact together.

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