This Cloud light is the only raincloud you’ll want to follow you home


In every cartoon or TV show, when someone is in a bad mood or sad, a raincloud will appear over their heads and downpour on them. Needless to say, most people don’t want something like that to happen unless they are either in the middle of the desert, or in desperate need of a shower. Thankfully that doesn’t happen in real life, but storms definitely do, and even though the rain isn’t exactly fun all the time, listening to thunder and seeing the lightning is certainly peaceful.

While I doubt anyone is going to want a full-fledged storm cloud in their living room, wouldn’t it be nice to have just the sounds of it happening hanging around? Of course you can get audio or video recordings of it, but they always end up playing in a loop, ruining the chaotic order an actual rainy day has that makes it relaxing in the first place. This Cloud light won’t be as good as the real thing, but it will definitely try. It can’t really function as a lamp, but it would do quite nicely as a nightlight.

It is arduino-controlled and motion-triggered, and once it goes off it will give you a combination of light and sound. This is of course, an artistic project, and as there aren’t likely many of these floating around, it should come as no surprise that it carries a $1,800 price tag. There isn’t any word on being able to change out lights or colors, but this could be a disco ball on the nights you’re not trying to relax.

Available for purchase on the artist’s website RichardClarkson, found via incrediblethings

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