Battletank Desk Pet lets you de-stress at the office


battletank-desk-petAll work and no play is said to make Jack a dull boy, and I guess when the proverbial Jack grows up to be a man, he too, would be dull if he were to be a cubicle drone all day long. Perhaps there might be something which can be done to make Jack’s life a whole lot more interesting and fun despite trudging into the office earlier in the morning? This is where the $49.99 Battletank Desk Pet would play a role – literally, as these high-tech battling toy robots would be controlled by a compatible smartphone, bringing the old and new together in a simple amalgamation of ideas.

All you need is a pair, and they will react (adversely) to one another. Compatible with OS devices and Android devices, the Battletank Desk Pet is the ideal way to settle office disputes. The “winner” would be able to get his or her way, as your enemy’s tank spins out of control and slows down to a stop after you register enough successful hits. All you need to do is to plug in a small dongle into the headphone jack, allowing the smart toys to move around, “fire,” recoil, and react to the shots of other Battletanks. The Battletanks are powered by an internal battery which can be charged via USB. 40 minutes of charge time would result in 15 minutes play time.

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Doc Ross Says: December 4, 2013 at 9:09 pm

This is cool!

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