ROCCAT Ryos series of mechanical gaming keyboards arrive in the US


ryosGamers are typically extremely picky about the choice of hardware that they own, as they do not want to leave anything to chance when it comes to their gaming performance. After all, we do what we can to increase our chances of winning, right? And that is where the right pieces of hardware fall in place. For those who do mull over just what kind of gaming hardware that they should own in order to elevate their performance to the next level, ROCCAT has just announced that their famous Ryos series of mechanical gaming keyboards have now arrived on US shores.

These are highly acclaimed mechanical gaming keyboards from ROCCAT, where they excel in terms of build quality, design and innovation. There will be a trio of varying models which offer popular features such as Easy-Shift[+], ROCCAT Talk, innovative per-key illumination and high quality Cherry MX key switches, which would make it ideal for any gamer regardless of the genre of games that he or she indulges in.

The Ryos MK will arrive with the popular black Cherry MX key switches, where it targets PC gaming purists. Sporting a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, it is incredibly powerful and responsive. Not only that, it comes with 2MB of flash memory that paves the way for more than 500 macros to be recorded and stashed on board, while three thumbster keys would make it the complete a keyboard perfect for hardcore gamers.

As for the Ryos MK Glow, it will feature a similar list of technical specifications as the MK while boasting full backlighting in the color blue, thanks to a powerful LED underneath each and every key. You can adjust the illumination levels accordingly, and it will also feature black Cherry MX key switches.

Last but not least is the flagship model, the Ryos MK Pro. Arriving with an extra ARM Cortex processor, it will also be this processor that handles the keyboard’s configurable per-key illumination. The ROCCAT Ryos MK, Ryos MK Glow and Ryos MK Pro will retail for $99.99, $139.99 and $169.99, respectively.

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