Bulb Flashlight – Why can’t all lights be like this?


Bulb Flashlight
Ever since we were kids, we have been fascinated by things that light up. Shoes with cool effects, lightning bugs, toys, and more always caught our eye. As adults, the same still holds true, though we’re a bit more practical in our approach. We buy flashlights, little, big, flexible, themed, and all other sorts of other lights. Every time we get a new one, we’re all giddy over how great it’s going to be, and just as it was when we were kids, we lose or forget about it. They all have their own purpose, and some even are multi-functional objects.

Of course, their multi-functionality normally stops at being a light, and then being another tool. Most of the time, we have to resort to a different light source for different scenarios. For example, you can’t just unplug a lamp and take it on a night hike hoping it will illuminate your path. Or can you?

The Bulb Flashlight was a concept a while back, but is now a completely purchasable item. This is a low-heat LED light that is not only a screw-in light bulb, but also acts as a flashlight. It works and recharges in a normal light socket, and will last up to 60,000 hours. As a flashlight, all you need do is pull out the handle, and you’ll have three hours of light. This will cost you $45 for one, but I don’t doubt that many of us want several of these for the house for those just-in-case scenarios.

Available via MoMA, found via Technabob

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