Jukebox Dock Bluetooth merges the old and the new


jukebox-dockDon’t you like it when the old and the new come together in a single package? I guess that is what the £99.99 Jukebox Dock Bluetooth is all about, making it an especially special gift for those who want to have something from the olden days, and yet also enjoy a new twist to a classic idea. With the Jukebox Dock Bluetooth, you will be able to party as though it is 1946, although it will feature some future-forward ideas, thanks to an integrated USB port that also allows you to power up your devices whenever their batteries start to run low on juice.

Do not be fooled by its retro finishing, however, as it does boast of outstanding sound quality, delivering all of the fun without any of the expensive coin-feeding sessions. While no one is able to pull off a “Smooth Criminal” move from afar with the Jukebox Dock Bluetooth, you can always make use of your imagination to get the job done. The Jukebox Dock Bluetooth, as its name suggests, will play nice with all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. All you need to do is to pop one into the universal cradle that is located at the front, and you will be able to enjoy excellent stereo sound, while juicing it up simultaneously. Of course, if you happen to use something ancient that does not have Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm input cable is here to save the day.

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