Wall Torch Sconce will light the way to new discoveries


Wall Torch Sonce 1
Every time you face a complex situation, you wait until you can understand all aspects of it before proceeding. When you’re little, going from your room to the bathroom at night is about as equally challenging of an ordeal. Much in the same way you want to be able to understand all sides before making a decision, kids want to be able to see everything that lies in their path so they can know whether or not they should come bug you to walk them there.

Of course, any parent of geeky children won’t want them to go alone, because for all their little ones know, it could be dangerous. Providing a nightlight is one thing, but giving them a torch is another. OK, you can’t really hand them a flaming stick and expect things to go well. However, the Wall Torch Sconce will let their imaginations soar in a good way.

This sconce casts a flickering glow to the space around it, and can easily go from being in the wall mount to a portable light source. Sadly, this is powered by two AA batteries, but if you have rechargeable ones handy it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. This is made of plastic, which means it can withstand the kind of treatment that kids give their toys. You’ll be looking at $20 for one of these, and keep in mind it doesn’t have to be for kids only. You could line your hallway with them, or use them on a camping trip to feel fancy.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

Wall Torch Sconce

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